On Time, this the first day of 2018.

(008) Malin Acrylic On Canvas 76 x 76 cms Linda Sgoluppi

Time recognizes no artificial counting of its passing but humans have human constructs, one of which is our imposition of a counting system on that oh-so-indifferent time.

I had a respite week over Christmas when one of my sons took over role as carer for Hubs and I spent a week away with a supportive friend in a cosy Sussex converted farm building. Just to be clear, my husband has Alzheimer’s disease and I am his carer, I have written about how this new role has increasingly pushed my chosen path as a painter to the margins, in fact so much so now, as my husband moves towards the conclusion of his journey that my painting activity has come to a complete stand still.

There were pictures on the walls at the cottage. Pictures that did not move me one little bit. Pictures that set me to thinking about what people choose to put on their walls. We are so bombarded with images that the choice of what we put on the walls of our homes often becomes of secondary value.

I know that for a holiday rental cottage the choice of art is more of a wallpaper exercise, but it is an exercise repeated by so many households. Most want what they put on the wall to enhance in some way but often only consider the decoration aspect of what is there.

I went on to think about some of the ‘block-buster’ art exhibition that tend to be sell-outs in more ways than terms of ticket sales.

There is so much art collected in art galleries and museums around the world that so much of it isn’t seen, much is relegated to the storage vaults. Much of that art does not stand up to the passing of time. Time withers living things and is no less indifferent to art.

Some art is never intended to be more than of its time, a passing comment on a given era and is not to be dismissed for that, however the art that seems to endure speaks to more than purely a comment on an era. The art that endures, in whatever category of style it is caste, as has a quality that speaks to the soul.  My favorite definition of what quality, was best explored in the book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I have a deep connection to so many of my own paintings, I enjoy what they play back to me, especially now in my present circumstances and even long after I painted them. It is a life journey getting to know what I created and what they communicate to me in this painful time. I can only hang a few in my own home but those few nurture me in ways it is difficult to define. My husband is moving inexorably towards the end of his Journey, he has two of my paintings in his room but no longer sees them. He had favourites too and I hope that some of what he enjoyed about them stays in some small pocket of his sadly withered mind.

I hope that what you have chosen to put on your wall nurtures you too.


Image: Malin from the shipping Forecast Series. Acrylic On Canvas 76 x 76 cm

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