Not Insomnia drawings

Never quite know what life with hubs’ Alzheimer’s is going to surprise me with. Up until about ten minutes ago throughout the night at least every half hour he decided that something was necessary. So now his teeth are uber clean, his sock drawer sorted, (not in the way you or I would do it, but hey ho), his wash bag sorted (ditto) his bed rearranged, his wardrobe rearranged, and he has dressed several times usually putting his clothes over his pyjamas.
If you read my previous post about his shaving in the middle of the night, this time he couldn’t shave because I made sure there was no razor for him to find and also hid the plug for the sink, that saves the bathroom being flooded when he leaves the tap running and the plug in. However the one that really assaulted my exhausted and befogged brain was the overwhelming aroma of mens eau de perfume. I have no idea where he found the old previously unopened bottle that had been an expensive present given to him about twenty years ago.
I’ve never liked the overuse of perfume. I’m the one who could have been the character in an old advert for some cold remedy, in it the guy has a cold so cannot smell and decides to be sure to smell ‘good’ before presenting a bunch of flowers to his amour’. He knocks the door to her gaff and upon opening she is so over-assaulted by almost agent orange-strength aroma, falls back as if she has been drop kicked. Well folks that is how the house smells right now.  I suspect that the smell will hang around for some time, it’s so strong it’s making me feel light-headed, or maybe the light-headedness is just lack of sleep.
As an aside; if anyone, friend or family thinks about buying hubs a fancy aftershave as a present for his approaching birthday don’t, alright? Just don’t.
I find it astonishing how he can actually be awake considering the amount of medications he is on, including medication to help him sleep, I would have thought it was enough to make a horse sleep but then he’s not a horse.
In the few minute interludes between sorting all the above out and getting him back into bed I remembered I was going to do more drawing until I have my new studio. The best laid plans and all that…. I own a book called The Insomnia Drawings – Louise Bourgeois, she committed to paper whatever thoughts, memories, and images surfaced during her long sleepless nights. I admire her for doing that. Maybe that is what I should do, however it seems it feels different when it is your own insomnia rather than someone else’s that keeps you awake.
For now I seem to be being not very productive, but I can live with that. I know that this period of my life will feed into some future work that may be more, or less, apparent when it does.
The photo of me was taken by hubs at the Léger Museum in Biot, France in 1987.

One thought on “Not Insomnia drawings

  1. Hi Linda, I have read your story with great interest. You responded to my post on the alz website. Not much fun is it ? I wish I had a simple faith that I could turn to – some people seem to have it. As an aside I live in Brisbane Aus, but spent many happy days in Whitfield , near Brackley as a child with my grandmother whose ancestors had lived there for generations

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