Another leaf


My wordpress blog site says ‘This site is about my art and other things.

It seems to me that in the last few posts it has been more about ‘other things’ than art even though it is still my art that drives me to write the blog posts.

The picture of my studio that is at the head of my blog site is one I like a lot, yet the studio it shows is already in the past, it was a lovely place and huge space for a studio but it is in the past and I no longer have it. There is  now a hiatus between the old studio and the one that is under construction, so until I can post a photograph of the new studio I leave the old one there.

The new studio will eventually rise from the ground but it is taking time to do that. Getting out of the ground is so often the frustrating time in construction, and my studio is no exception. I have had to learn to have more patience than I thought I possessed, patience for the 24/7 carer for my Alzheimer’s suffering husband, and in waiting for my studio to rise. Building-site wise the studio’s location couldn’t have been more difficult but those difficulties are being overcome. I dreamed of being in the space by Christmas 2016, now I just dream of being in the space.

In the meantime I deal with each day as it comes. My husband’s memory continues to disintegrate and that is sad. Conversations become ever more bizarre. People often assume that Alzheimer’s is just about forgetting the past but it is more than that; it is about forgetting how to do the most basic of things such as which left/right shoe to put on which foot, how to shave, and many more things each of us do in a day without giving conscious thought to it.

Without a convenient space to work I just have to suspend doing some of the things I want to do. I have work that I started in the old studio, suspended it waits to become what it will become. I draw when I can and oddly it seems I’m often drawing leaves. A dried sea-kale leaf picked up at Dungeness at Christmas, a leaf picked up from the Millennium Green in my village of Bugbrooke in Northamptonshire.

It’s extraordinarily difficult to draw while being constantly interrupted. My husband’s disease is demanding, it hates to see someone doing their own thing, it wants the attention and if it doesn’t get that attention it finds scarily mischievous ways to get it, therefore time to draw tends to be in the dark of the night or early morning, often when exhaustion is begging for sleep.

It was good to exhibit my latest works on canvas 78 Derngate . They are a series called Plato’s Cave, it’s always good to see a new series hung together out of the studio.

I’ve always been rather trigger happy with a camera, I like catching those moments in a landscape or situation as I pass through life and them. I love the advent of the mobile phone camera, it’s so perfect to be virtually guaranteed to have a camera always with me. My circumstance have curtailed my wanderings so I tend to be mainly within the village, and snapshots have been of my village surroundings. I so want to work in my studio again but until then what I can only do what I can do and that will have to suffice.

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